Scout Is Not A Band Kid

A young girl in middle school will do whatever it takes to meet her favourite author—even if it means joining her school band! A contemporary graphic novel about making your dream come true—and the friends you make along the way.

When Scout learns that her favourite author is doing an exclusive autograph session at the end of the year, she’s determined to be there! She officially needs a plan…and when she finds out that her school’s band is heading to the same location for their annual trip, an idea takes shape. Being a band kid can’t be that hard, right?

As it turns out, learning how to play an instrument when you can’t even read music is much, much, MUCH tougher than expected. And it’s even harder for Scout when her friends aren’t on board with her new hobby. Will she be able to master the trombone, make new band friends, and get to her favourite author’s book signing? Tackling everything seems like a challenge for a supergenius superfriend supermusician—and she’s just Scout.

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Random House Graphic, $20.99USD (272p) ISBN 978-0-5931-7622-1


“Armstrong deftly captures the exhilaration and excitement of young fandom. Their bold use of colour and fluid linework lend vibrancy to Scout’s many zany adventures … Scout Is Not a Band Kid, a graphic novel, is a breezy, high energy middle grade read.” — Chloe Humphreys
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“This is so funny, so true, and so beautifully put together that I swooned … Fantastic from start to finish, I am a HUGE fan of this title. Hoping to see more of Armstrong’s work in the future too.” — Betsy Bird
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“A pleasing balance of warm and cool color palettes emphasize the new dynamics between Scout and Merrin, and the two characters harmonize over time as they encourage each other to not give up on their dreams no matter what criticism comes their way. Aspiring young musicians, artists, and DND fans will appreciate this story of self-confidence and the value of new experiences.” — Danica Ronquillo
Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, Volume 75, Number 9, May 2022. pp. 280-281

“Along with being a very fun read, the novel tackles very real issues that all young kids face, such as finding your true friends and a community of people who not only enjoy the same things as you but support your interests regardless … It’s a novel that feels like a warm celebration of all things fandom and nerdy, and I can’t wait to read it again and again.” — Kaileigh Funnell
Scout Is Not a Band Kid by Jade Armstrong – YOUNG ADULTING

“Employing rounded, fluid linework reminiscent of Heartstopper, and introducing the school’s variously diverse characters via character sheets, which detail pronouns and stats, debut creator Armstrong excels at portraying characters’ expressive reactions, for example Scout’s mortification at accidentally throwing her trombone’s sleeve during a concert.” – PW, February 2022

“While this graphic novel will immediately entice nerdy fans of all stripes, Scout’s development models a nuanced, supported approach to goal-setting that will resonate with many middle-school readers.” Niki Marion
Review of Scout Is Not a Band Kid Horn Books March/April issue