Painting up a Storm


My name is Jade Armstrong, and I am a cartoonist. I was raised in a little town called Almonte, Ontario, before heading off to the GTA to study animation at Sheridan College.

I was one of the founders and presidents of Sheridan’s Comic Making Club. I’m currently working as a background painter at George Elliott Animation in Toronto.

More than anything I love to make comics. I self-published my first comic (a touhou doujinshi, naturally) March 2014. Since then I’ve done a dozen more comics, such as my diary comic collections (Confessions of An Animation Student) and have been a part of many anthologies (BOPU SQUAD, Ladies Night Anthology, Tabulit) and collaborations (Warm Blood).

You can check out my full CV here!

I’m a member of the comics collective HELLO BOYFRIEND. We are a bunch of pals who love comics and make comics together!

If you’d like to get in touch, please email me at