Painting up a Storm


Jade Armstrong is a third year Animation Student at Sheridan College from Almonte, Ontario. At college, she is the vice-president and one of the founders of Sheridan’s Comic Making Club. She is a co-president of the Animation Student Council. In 2014 she was part of the Summer Company program and with it has started a commission business. Jade regularly does original and portrait commissions for private clients, in addition to illustration and design work.

Graduating from Notre Dame Catholic High School June 2014, Jade received the  Arts Carleton Place Student Bursary, the DaVinci Award, and the Ferguson’s Graphics Award. This year Jade had a table at Ottawa Comic-con and G-Anime, sold at Art in the Attic, and was one of the artists on the Crown and Pumpkin Studio Tour. Part way through Summer 2015, she was contracted by Blue Hen Farm to do promotional work and on-site portraits and caricatures.

She printed her first original illustration book, Road to Bree’s House, June 2014. Each year she publishes autobiographic strip comics about her life in college, aptly titled Confessions of a First Year Animation Student (May 2015) and Confessions of a Second Year Animation Student (May 2016). She was one of the comic creators of Doki Doki High (October 2015) Doki Doki High 2: W-what’s This Feeling? (September 2016). She has contributed comics to two more anthologies which debuted at Toronto Comic Arts Festival (Brozine and Home).

She is the artist for the Webcomic CRUTCH.

She works part time for George Elliott Studios in Toronto as a background painter.

When not drawing, Jade enjoys baking weird recipes and playing with her cats.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. The drawing I bought at Art in the Attic is now hanging in the Mayor’s office. Cheers

  2. You have a MAGNIFICIENT talent Jade….

    I hope you get to be inspired to do drawings of saints, of Jesus, Marie. It would be wonderful, I would sure buy some of your arts if you do
    God bless

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