Painting up a Storm


My name is Jade Armstrong, and I am a cartoonist. I was raised in a little town called Almonte, Ontario, before heading off to the GTA to study animation at Sheridan College.

I was one of the founders and presidents of Sheridan’s Comic Making Club. Right now I’m working as a background painter at George Elliott Animation in Toronto.

I’m currently the artist for the Webcomic CRUTCH, which you can support us through TABULIT or read for free on WEBTOONS or TAPAS.

More than anything I love to make comics. I self-published my first comic (a touhou doujinshi, naturally) March 2014. Since then I’ve done a dozen more mini comics, such as my diary comic collections (Confessions of An Animation Student). I’m part of the comics collective HELLO BOYFRIEND. We are a bunch of pals who love comics who travel around together, mostly.


If you’d like to get in touch, please email me at





5 thoughts on “About

  1. The drawing I bought at Art in the Attic is now hanging in the Mayor’s office. Cheers

  2. You have a MAGNIFICIENT talent Jade….

    I hope you get to be inspired to do drawings of saints, of Jesus, Marie. It would be wonderful, I would sure buy some of your arts if you do
    God bless

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