Watercolours make excellent portraits because they allow for bold use of colour and creativity, making the commissions more recognizable and interesting. I want to offer a more stylized and simple product that still captures the essence and personality of the client. My style and medium gives me the ability to incorporate additional personal elements into the commission.

Watercolour Portrait Prices


5 x 7″ = $50.00 CAD

8 x 10″ = $60.00 CAD

+$10 price for each additional person/pet.

9 x 12″ = $75.00 CAD

12 x 16″ = $100.00 CAD

+$25 price for each additional person/pet.

For example, A family of three on 12 x 16″ would be $200. The initial cost is $100, plus $25 twice.

Commissions are created on Cold Press 140lb Watercolor Paper.

  Looking to commission me for something other than a portrait?

I have experience freelancing illustrative and original works. Feel free to contact me with any details and we can work something out! 

Large pieces (approx. 24 x 30″) start at $200.00

Email: ms.jelajade@gmail.com


Made to Order:

The length of time it takes to complete a commission varies for each commission.  If I have other orders, it’s a first-come first-serve system. After you have given me a rough idea of your commission, I will send you an estimate on a date of completion. There is a $25 rush fee for commissions with shorter deadlines. If you choose to supply an email, I will regularly update you on the progress of the commission.


Payment can be made through Paypal, electronic transfer, or in-person. In-person payment can be paid in full upon delivery (cash or cheques are fine!). Online orders are required to pay half of the cost up front, and the rest of the payment is required after a digital proof has been sent. If you require your commission to be shipped to you, please don’t hesitate to let me know! I can ship internationally. Shipping costs will be added after a digital proof has been sent.


I offer two options for commissions:

  1. Send me reference picture(s). The higher quality the picture(s), the better the commission!
  2. I would meet the commissioner and take a few of my own pictures and do some life sketches. I would then take my studies from the sitting as references for the final piece. This will allow me to produce a much more personal and unique product. This option is not available for  long-distance clientele.

Feel free to suggest any themes to be added to the painting, such as seashells, daisies, cherry blossoms, etc. Any addition personal elements or themes to be added to the commission are welcome and encouraged.